New Book

I’ve just completed a book entitled God’s Programs: An Introduction to Understanding the Bible. It is available in the Blurb bookstore in three formats:  Softcover, Imagewrap Hardback, and Hardback with Dustjacket and on Amazon in Softcover. Below are links if you wish to purchase:

Imagewrap Hardback
Hardback with Dustjacket

Description: God’s Programs starts at the beginning, in Genesis, and takes the reader through the Scriptures. The fact so many denominations and churches exist testify to the conflicts in understanding the Bible. Much confusion also comes from tradition rather than from what the Bible says.

But the Bible is not difficult to comprehend when one sees how it is organized, what is written, and to whom it is written. God has given the Scriptures to reveal Himself, His plan for mankind, to show why things are the way they are, and to reveal what lies ahead. Most of Christendom does not recognize God has created five great programs: Mankind, Israel, Church, Kingdom, and Eternity. Each program is examined to reveal its significance in God’s plan.

When the Bible is allowed to speak for itself, the light of understanding will shine. The goal of this book is to open the Scriptures and guide the reader to see what God has revealed.

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