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I’ve just completed a book entitled God’s Programs: An Introduction to Understanding the Bible. It is available in the Blurb bookstore in three formats:  Softcover, Imagewrap Hardback, and Hardback with Dustjacket and on Amazon in Softcover. Below are links if you wish to purchase:

Imagewrap Hardback
Hardback with Dustjacket

Description: God’s Programs starts at the beginning, in Genesis, and takes the reader through the Scriptures. The fact so many denominations and churches exist testify to the conflicts in understanding the Bible. Much confusion also comes from tradition rather than from what the Bible says.

But the Bible is not difficult to comprehend when one sees how it is organized, what is written, and to whom it is written. God has given the Scriptures to reveal Himself, His plan for mankind, to show why things are the way they are, and to reveal what lies ahead. Most of Christendom does not recognize God has created five great programs: Mankind, Israel, Church, Kingdom, and Eternity. Each program is examined to reveal its significance in God’s plan.

When the Bible is allowed to speak for itself, the light of understanding will shine. The goal of this book is to open the Scriptures and guide the reader to see what God has revealed.

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12 thoughts on “New Book

  1. Debbie Miller

    All I can say is wow and thank you and I am only in the first chapter. I have been learning a lot through your articles but I am so glad that I purchased your book also! I pray that the Lord will help me to teach people within my church to understand truths that we have never understood before now

  2. Jack S.

    Thank you Don, I just finished your book, God’s Programs, An Introduction to Understanding the Bible, from cover to cover. It is AMAZING…the only book needed besides a Bible!

    The text, the body of the book, is thorough and complete just as your readers at Doctrine.Org have grown to love. The diagrams throughout are helpful; the Footnotes, the Appendices at the end, and the Summary of the Plan of God beginning on page 269 are like a bonus book.

    This book is for new Believers, students, pastors and anybody else who would like to learn about the Bible, or thinks that they already understand the Bible. They will all be challenged if they are products of current Christendom where many people are incorrectly taught to mix Law and Grace. This book is for people who can be intellectually honest and put tradition and denomination aside as they are guided through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

    You and the articles on your website, and now this fabulous book, will reach a lot of people and Save a lot of lives (pun intended.) You are a Blessing.

    In Christ…..Jack S.
    Meridian, Idaho

    P.S. I ordered 11 copies and gave them to Brothers and Sisters from our Tuesday night Bible study and our Sunday afternoon home Church.

    1. doctrinedoctrine Post author

      Thank you for your most kind comments. I hope it will be a blessing to many. But it is only an introduction, hence the subtitle. My hope is that it will enable believers to dig into the Scriptures for themselves and be blessed and be a blessing to others. The Word of God cannot be exhausted! It is alive and powerful!

  3. Carole Meyers

    Such a great book to understand the Bible in a handy-sized, very readable book. I, too, have shared and will look for others with whom to share. Thank you!

  4. Joe

    I wish I had found this book 40 years ago. I knew in my heart that the New Covenant was for Israel but almost everything I found said I was wrong. Finally I found Chafer’s systematic theology but wow the long compound complex sentence with big words was such a struggle. Now I have a nice, easy-to-read book that says it all. (I’m forever beginning the next page with the title of the book at the top of the page.) –maybe bold print or italicize type.– Also, I can’t find the version of the bible you used. ….never heard before that atonement is a (relatively) new word….very interesting. I’m finally straightened out re: sabbath days of the 7 feasts. I may have a question about that later but enough for now. I’m about half way done in one day. thank you. …..I wish your books sold at Goodwill. ha! I’d buy a bunch and send them to my family and friends…..I may do that anyway..even at retail…..

    Thank you so much

    1. doctrinedoctrine Post author

      Thank you. I wish I had had this book 40 years ago too. Yes, Chafer’s sentence structure is grueling. I tried to write plainly and clearly. As for versions, I used the NASB and KJV. Hope you enjoy the second half.

  5. Frank

    I’m reading your book now. I’m delighted with it. I know I’ll will read it again and again because there is just so much information. I too understood that atonement meant to sweep sin under the rug, a temporary fix for one’s sins and that propitiation was the complete satisfaction of a sin debt. But I just looked them up in the dictionary and found that I was wrong. Now I wonder how else I’m wrong. Thanks again for a good book.

  6. Bob Goyer, Marion, Ohio

    Thank you Don for being a scribe of the Lord. God is a God of plans (ie. Noah’s ark, Tabernacle of Moses, Soloman’s Temple) and He does not deviate from His plans. You have clearly outlined God’s plans for Israel, Gentiles and His Church.
    In Christ,
    Bob Goyer

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