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4 thoughts on “ChartGodsPrograms

  1. Rob Klein


    I have a couple of thoughts. If I fold out the part between the dotted lines, God’s Mystery program and Paul disappear. Yet your period for Israel says, Abraham to Paul. Theologically, I agree with you. But I think the death of Stephen was the last opportunity for the Jews (Jewish leaders) to accept the Kingdom in the Book of Acts. And yes, Paul shows up in Acts 8 as Saul, and some other significant things happen in Acts 8 too, but Stephen was the decision point. If you changed your chart to say, Abraham to Stephen, it kind of cuts out Acts 8, figuring the left dotted line represents the conversion of Saul. So, just sharing my thoughts on that. The other thing is that I think Hebrews should be listed with the general Epistles under Israel. I see you list it as transitional, along with the book of Acts. In Christ,

    1. doctrinedoctrine Post author

      Thanks for your thoughts. I agree the crisis point for Israel occurred with the stoning of Stephen. But the gospel of the kingdom continued until the Council of Jerusalem, and hope remained the nation would repent. Technically, it did not officially end until 70 A.D.So the period is transitional. In that accounting, Israel had a 40 year period of testing–from Pentecost to Titus’ legions. It’s difficult to represent these things in a chart. For the big picture, I think it would be confusing to put Stephen as the end.

  2. Gary

    Could I also see this chart as “time past” “but now and “ages to come” as those who follow the “rightly divided” concept?

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