Chart of God’s Programs

This chart outlines God’s programs through the ages.

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8 thoughts on “Chart of God’s Programs

  1. Joe

    Looks like I’m the first here….

    On Les Feldick today Les said that Acts 15:16-18 passage was from Amos and that it dealt with the ‘fallen down” tabernacle of 70AD. Amos was written in about 760 BC. Why couldn’t the Acts passage be referring to the temple that was destroyed by Babylon in about 586 BC?

    1. doctrinedoctrine Post author

      James had reference to the Temple’s fall in 586. James only understood that Gentiles would be blessed through Israel. He did not understand Paul’s ministry and this is clear from what he said to Paul in Acts 21. He had no idea the Temple would be destroyed again by the Romans.

  2. Van

    Don – could you please elaborate on how the chart puts forward “Days”; specifically the number of days and years. Why does the chart show the Body of Christ in the year period of 0-2000AD? Would it be unreasonable for the chart to show the Body of Christ in the year period 37-?AD ? And since the chart is depicting a “Devine Week” why would the years of the Body of Christ (Mystery; unrevealed TO the prophets) be included since Paul links it as an unspecific period of time to the “fullness of the Gentiles be come in.” (Romans 11:25). Thank you for sharing this work.

    1. doctrinedoctrine Post author

      The dates on the chart are approximate. Since we’re dealing with 1,000 year periods, 0-2,000 seems appropriate. While the secret of the Church was unknown to men until Paul, God knew of it. The “days” cover God’s entire plan. Hosea indicates Israel will be set aside for 2 days. Those years comprise the Church. See my article, When Will the Lord Return?

  3. Joe

    If I had hung on and read the last 10 pages of your book the last paragraph above would have been avoided. sorry,. I still wonder where the Church will be and what they/we will be doing during the Kingdom.

    ps I finished your/my book last night. I appreciate all the work you did. Writing a book like that must be very time consuming. I didn’t notice any misspelled words or awkward phrasing…..maybe a repetition of the word “instead’ on page 216 3rd line…….(mentioned for the benefit of the second edition)

    1. doctrinedoctrine Post author

      Thank you. I have found a few misspellings, etc. but had not seen the one on 216. I’ve been trying to make corrections for a new printing but want to wait a bit to try and be sure I catch most of them. Difficult to not make such errors and I really appreciate readers pointing them out.

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